Testimonial Detail   
Thank you both!
Apr 21, 2017
We'll do and thank you so much again for your amazing service and advise and by giving us all the information we needed to make the right decisions. 
Thank you H.F for a great opportunity you opened for us towards getting an amazing financing approval at Scotiabank and of course to you Felicia for your patience and commitment in finding us this home whom my family and I loved and for both of your honesty and great spirit in representing us during a long and very expensive 4 hours of negotiations.
You are both a blessing to us from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whom we put our faith and trust.
Thank you again and looking forward towards finding the right buyer, successful and speedy sale of our condo unit.
May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you both with more success financially and in your relationship as couple.
Posted by Jomon, Imee, Justin, & Jaimee